Manual Toothbrushes

Japan Goodies!

Japan Goodies!
misoka toothbrush
Image by almyki
Pictures of my goods from Japan! Included are:

Kaiyukan Aquarium:
Penguin Mini Straw Planter (850?)
2 Gacha keychains (300 each)
Turtle Coin Purse
Otter Coin Purse

episode Shop:
Purse (2900)
Shoes (1000)

Tokyu Hands in Kobe:
MANY pens/pencils
COPIC Ciao 36-E Set (individual) (7700)
2 Illustration How-To Books (watercolor, COPIC) (1300 ea)
Kimono Girl Mini Planter
Gacha doghouse (200)

Kinosaki Onsen Shops:
Crab Towel (600?)
Bunny Plush (650?)
Four-Leaf Frog (450?)
2 Candy Bento (1300??)
Flavored Salt (wrapped) (270)
Bunny Cream Perfume (550?)
Miharaso Towel (free!)
Miharaso Keychains (free!)
(not shown) Miharaso Tabi Socks (free!)

Kansai Wide Area Pass 5-Day (9000)
ICOCA Card (2000)
500mah Phone Battery (3500?)
2 Misoka Toothbrushes (2100)
2 Pain Relief Patches (1400)
Ugly Weak Umbrella (800)
Wall Plug (350?)

Not shown here, since they wouldn’t fit, I also bought kimono and kimono things.