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trade show booth backdrop
Image by supermattzor
University Club apartments, here in San Marcos, hired me to draw a 3 panel comic involving the cast of NBC’s Heroes to use as a 7′ something backdrop for their booth at a trade show kindof thing… I think? They let me control basically everything and at first I got all concerned about interlacing the story and the character’s powers or whatever. I resolved to (got lazy) stick with something light. It does involve the story… a little, considering Hiro’s a huge nerd. I haven’t actually *watched* the show but I kindof want to get into it. I’d have to download it and catch up.

Anyway, that’s the comic. I had to scan it in at a HUGE resolution and this is, obviously, a downgraded version.

Oh, I hate the third frame. I don’t know what it needs (besides maybe a complete overhaul) but I think it’d good enough and the logo KINDA takes away from it. Just enough to make it so I don’t hate the third frame *as much* … I like the penciled version of Claire (2nd panel) but the ink came out OK.

PS. This was my first practice with actual pen and ink