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BratFest 2008 – Johnsonville Big Taste Grill 1

BratFest 2008 – Johnsonville Big Taste Grill 1
100 lb propane tank
Image by sjciske
Johnsonville Big Taste Grill

Facts: Fully customized semi, including reinforced carbon steel grill painted with a high temp black gloss finish.
Grill Weight: 53,000 lbs.
Grill Dimensions: Length: 65′ Width: 6′
Cooking Capacity: Brats at a time: 750 — Brats per hour: 2,500
Heating Source: Propane Fuel (440,000 B.T.U.s)
Special Features: 100-gallon water storage tank
Refrigeration unit — Aluminum Walkway — Hot & Cold Running Water
Self Contained Pneumatic System for opening and closing the grill lid.