My Hero Academia: One’s Justice – Tokoyami, Jirou, & Kirishima Characters Revealed Scan! (1080p)

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice – Tokoyami, Jirou, & Kirishima Characters Revealed Scan! (1080p)
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  1. Gallant Blade

    I translated a bit on Tokoyami. All I could glean was something about mastering combinations.

    Most likely, he will be a puppet-type character, but if Tokoyami himself could attack just as well as Dark Shadow, then certainly things will get interesting.

    Now put in Mineta.

  2. AnimeStar17

    I knew Fumikage and Kirishima would be in the game, but I didn’t expect Kyoka to be included.
    Now all they have to do is include Mina, Endeavor, Tetsutetsu, Shiozaki, Muscular, and All For One

  3. Creepercraftguy

    If this game ends up getting pallet swaps/skins (I don’t think it will, but we’ll see) do you think one of Kirishima’s should be a reference to Tetsutetsu?

  4. Kirby Leggington

    Loving this roster so far. Still needs Aoyama, though. I feel like the next reveal wave will be him, Ashido, and Mineta.

    Maybe Sero too.

  5. Minato Ryuzki

    So this is the replacement for the storm series …. I'm impressed. Hopefully they don't mess up like CC2 and add shit like a substitution bar … That was dumb

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