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Grandson – Blood // Water ( Audio ) [ RIVERDALE 2X21 Soundtrack ]

I will upload other videos of songs from Riverdale and other Tv Series and Movies on my new channel, beacause i have some problems with this. Subscribe my new channel through this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC59ARMfdrYsYLxE6ys7zn9w?view_as=subscriber

  1. EstetalliKavio Blogaa

    i love this Song?? and i'm sad that Jughead Is Been punched and yes. but i think He's going to Make IT. he Will survive! or i Will stop Riverdale watching. (joke)

  2. fandomsdaily

    I don't think that he'll die cause in the beginning of every episode he is telling a story (usually an introduction about what we are going to see at the course of the episode and about who ) , he is writting it down for his book so unless they find another way to show us how the story ends , jughead can't die. Technically he is telling us everything so if he dies the show should be over… right?

  3. ItzLiiXX

    Jughead deserves better, I don’t think he’s dead though I think penny and the Goulies ran away and betty and the serpents will get revenge for the better jughead will survive, he has to.

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