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Today, I’m going to share my thoughts on ” fake musical theatre fans ” & ” basic broadway shows ”
SPOILER ALERT: There’s no such thing as a fake fan, it’s okay to like popular shows, and everyone is welcome in the #TheatreThursdayFam ???

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If you’re new to my channel, HI! I’m Katherine and I put out a new theatre related video on every #TheatreThursday plus bonus uploads throughout the week! My videos cover a variety of topics include musical theatre / acting advice, theatre kid lifestyle, performance reviews, and general broadway geekery. Additionally, I make usual Youtuber videos, but with a slight theatre-y twist.

Today, I’m going to be discussing a few popular shows that often get titled as “basic”. I get asked my opinion on them and occasionally their respective fan bases. So today, I wanted to address everything together. Like I mention in the video, I think it’s fine to enjoy popular shows– heck, a few shows I love are often described as “basic”. Liking something popular doesn’t make you any less legit and not knowing everything about a specific topic doesn’t make you a fake fan.
In my opinion, I don’t think there is any such thing as a fake fan. If you like something, regardless how much or how little you know about it, you’re a fan. I think this phrase is really used to intimidate and scare away people who might be newer to the community. WHICH IS SO DUMB. THEATRE IS GREAT. EVERYONE CAN ENJOY IT.

Okay, thanks for letting me talk about this. I’ve had a lot of feelings on this topic, and I hope you enjoy the video.
Also, I really aggressively ate a sandwich while writing this.

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  1. Bituin Kleinman-Mell

    I know this is like 5 months old, but my favorite basic musical would be Dear Evan Hansen. Because it's so complex and cuts really deep and has a wonderful message. I could make a whole essay about it lol–

    Also, Amelie didn't do that well? ;; n ;; That sucks.

  2. Aunna Beranek

    Thank you literally for EVERYTHING you said! You, and people like you, are a big reason why us newbies want to be a part of this wonderful community. Your support means the world to me!!! ????

  3. - hpw

    i hate this whole entire “fake theatre fan” concept. i watch/listen to classical and modern musicals 24/7 for the past two years. However, according to one of my “prestigious” and in titled friends, they declare that i am a “fake fan” because i have not had the opportunity to travel the world and watch numerous shows. It shits me to tears – yes i love DEH, but who doesn’t??! it’s moving, inspirational, and Ben Platt is a freaking babe (sorry not sorry). The whole debate is just stupid!
    Thank you so much for your video and putting snooty people in their place x

  4. Navy Gaming

    When she said Bonnie and Clyde I screamed! But can you define basic? Also, we are all welcomed here by “basic shows” like Hamilton, because these shows are the best introduction to theatre! They aren’t too elitist immediately, but they are great, and they get you to the right places.

  5. Katelynn Barnes

    Favorite "basic show" is definitely Heathers hands down. And I agree. Dead Girl Walking Reprise is wonderful workout material.

  6. Days With Delilah

    I love cats so much but everyone hates it. I try to get my friends to watch my dvd of it with me so that they can get to know it better. They go into it just with the expectation that’s it gonna suck because a lot of people hate it. But a lot of people actually hate it tho. Idk why I love it so much

  7. Fia Pie

    There's no such thing as a fake musical theatre fan. If you like musicals, even if they are basic, you ARE a fan.

  8. Amirah Starkid

    I don‘t think there are fake fans. I mean, if you only like Hamilton or something than that‘s fine. I love new/basic ones but old and unusual Musicals too. But I don‘t know too many Musicals because I‘m kinda "new" in comparison to others. So I still need time to work myself in to this whole Fandom. Like…give me time?

  9. Ellen Altman

    we stan hamifans and fansies! I love all shows though! however, doing a show I find you get really tired of it but I still love them. I've been singing spring awakening which i was just in for about eight months so yes, i'm tired of it.

  10. Izzy Godwin

    I don’t hate people who hate “basic” shows, but whenever the only shows they know are Hamilton, DEH and Heathers it makes me want to teach them. Like there are so many amazing shows that are less well known that are just brilliant. Like I said I don’t hate basic shows I just saw Hamilton in London and I can now consider my life officially complete! C

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