Tales of Zestiria Review

An open-world map and fun new combat features make Tales of Zestiria an enjoyable roleplaying game.

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  1. Omnytamer

    Got to say, I agree with most of the review, but I don't get why she thought the story and characters were bland. I thought this was the best story and cast since Symphonia.

  2. Syndusias

    so, this came to my attention on steam, I've only played the OLD ones, is it worth jumping into the new ones?

  3. Kemomini Spell

    After seeing the anime,and the game,(I know it's fantasy and anime,but it still pisses me off)Is that how the knights act are so unrealistic,They wouldn't panic like that over a Simple knight or villager being killed,even if it was someone important,Plus knights don't show much emotions while on duty,4/10 for me,because of Low-realism of the knights and other factors.

  4. Alcron Azecron

    Guys i have a question for you who do you think did a much better job at dubbing of this game the anime or the game

  5. Jeetu Singh

    I don't know why there are so many likes in this video but one thing is sure, NEVER TRUST IGN FOR JRPG REVIEW!!!!
    I usually refer to IGN videos to buy game, but didn't do it for this game. Forgettable story!?!? That's just a load of bull crap from IGN. It has one of the best RPG story among all the RPG games out there. And game does a wonderful job connecting players to story. You can feel how the main character develops while you play along the story.
    I think they don't even play the game before reviewing it. They just steal and alter notes from someone else.

  6. The Pink Otaku

    I personally really enjoyed the story and characters and the combat system. I found this to be a very fun game!

  7. CY Ex

    Agreed with everything this video said. Tragically, especially with this game being so battle-centric, the camera angles in battle is really really bad and offers no way to control it. This is especially frustrating when playing multiplayer.

    With bland story and characters along with said problems, I would not recommend anyone to pick this game up unless it has a steep discounted price.

  8. esteban ruiz

    Its a little complex…
    I used to play Tales of Symphonia which is the best in my opinion but im giving this one a try

  9. Tigger Tail

    What's with the epic music playing in the background. I couldn't focus on the narrator's voice due to the overwhelming emotional musical theme. You could have picked a more suiting track for this review to match your analytical methodical voice. Sorry if I come up as harsh. Just a suggestion

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